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Core's Games Official PvE - Rust Server in South Africa
Hi Everyone

Our Server is South African based and we wish to have a predominantly PvE experience on our server.

The server is new player friendly and will challenge veterans.
The server features a Hotel where new players can congregate to get familiar with the server and get kitted out for their adventures.

Bots have been modded to be aggressive and tough with low loot tables. We do not want players to bot farm, but rather use the bots as gatekeepers to better loot.

The Server will run with mods listed below:

* Info Panel
* BotSpawn
* HumanNPC
* GatherMate
* Backpack
* Kits
* Shop
* Reduced night time
* ZSkills Player Levels

The Server is currently in development and more will be added over time.

By doomedcore69 | May 26, 2019 10:04 PM