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Crysis Wars 1.5 Update Released
Updates to Crysis Wars have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted.
The specific changes include:

General Fixes
When spectating, buy menu won't switch tabs
Occasional HUD buttons displacement
Shoot + Zoom exploit with Sniper Rifle
Potential renderer crash
Score limit is correctly calculated in PowerStruggle
Vehicle damage direction display
Server crash when using last purchase to repeatedly buy vehicles

Updates and improvements
Added health bar of player who just killed you
Added automatic respawning in Instant Action/Team Instant Action, defaults to 20s after death
Added new visual hit indicator asset - shows whether you hit a player or a vehicle
Various messages for accessibility improvement
Reworked options menu

Increased melee damage, and improved its consistency

New Map
With this patch a new map arrives in the form of Ruins. This map is set in a church ruins environment and invites players to fight both inside and outside of the church itself.
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