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America's Army 3 Update Released
Updates to America's Army 3 have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The specific changes include:

America's Army 3
More messaging when unable to connect to server for particular circumstances like full servers, etc
More enhancements to PunkBuster implementation
Adds in switching viewpoints during pb validation and adds in messaging to let player know something is happening
Streamlined the server connect
Adjusted the ftmp cleanup logic so it works properly on the server
New Auth SDK that fixes MBS query issues, several crashes, and memory leaks
Better feedback to players kicked from training due to not being qualified
Fixes to player count in Internet Browser
Fix for hud decrementing frag grenade round display when 320 ammo types are switched
Frag grenade loadout fixes
Cleanup of client stat file on startup so bad stats won't hang players joining training
Removes "player didn't play in round" debugging message from logs
Fixes accessed nones caused by mission lost statistics when player isn't alive at end of round
Adjustments to clan tag support to allow use of a prefix (+ is add it as a suffix, - add as prefix, and anything else uses the "of xxx" format from 3.0.4)
Prevent going prone while tossing a grenade
Report full server to user message and bad/wrong password to user in message box after being kicked from server
Adds in ability to left click on a server in MBS and have its information updated if it hasn't been updated recently (in last 10 minutes)
Adds new message box if the connection times-out so user knows what happens if they step away and the client fails to connect to the server
Added pbsetup and a simple batch wrapper to call necessary commands to setup a system for using PB (Binaries\pbsetup_help.bat)
Added PunkBuster setup steps to installation
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