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(NA) ONLY - Looking for dedicated; serious partner
Sep 14, 2019 4:59 AM
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I've made a post similar to this but this one will be a bit different.

We're looking for a partner or a front man as you would call it. Both my partner and I are mainly focused on the back end of this server that we're creating but we need someone to be the face.

Well what does that detail you might ask? Well we're looking for another person to take the initiative and follow our principles of what we're trying to create. We have high standards and expect this person to have the same. We're wanting this person to have ideas of how we can improve the server and someone who can take control and show leadership on both discord and the server itself.

I know 99% of you will want to know the compensation and more details of everything, but before we even go into that, we want to make sure that you're a good fit for what we're looking for.

A little bit about ourselves

For starters, I'm 27 years old. So keep that in mind... I do E-commerce / Marketing for a living, for a big company and I absolutely love it. I received my degree in Electrical Computer Engineering but for some strange reason I'm not using it haha. On my free time I enjoy fishing and of course video games to waste my time on.

Partner - He's 40 years old and has a ton of experience with back end security. He's been around computers his entire life and has more experience with programming and development then I have been alive. He brings a lot of skills to the table.

If you're interested in this project, feel free to submit an application. Before you do, please read down below.

Before you submit an application, please be at least 16+. I'm trying to build a respectful, professional server. If you act immature, treat people with disrespect, or want to cause drama.


Application Link - (It's a google forms link)

If you submit an application, please reply to this thread.