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Looking for new mods - Noble Network
Mar 22, 2016 8:49 PM
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Hi! I'm Tyben, the Co-Owner of Noble Network. We are a new server in need of staff members! If anyone is interested, we have many positions open. We are starting to configure our servers to ours and the peoples' liking, We are counting on getting more servers ASAP, currently we have Factions and we are working on getting new bungee cord configured servers as we speak such as KitPvP, Plots, and maybe some more if we have suggestions! Thanks and hope you enjoy our server if you decide to join! (Keep in mind that we will be interviewing everyone for staff positions, nothing too bad! )

Jun 24, 2016 3:17 AM
Joined: Jun 23, 2016
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Application for Co-Owner/Owner Assistant (I will take any other rank, if you like! It doesn't matter to me!)
IGN: UnknownCharacter
How old are you?
13 Years of Age. (Turning 14 in December)
Maturity: Around a 7-9...
For how long have you played Minecraft?
Almost 3 whole years.
Have you ever been Co-Owner before?
No, but I've seen so many, I'm confident in getting this app.
How much do you know about commands and plugins?
A lot about them. I don't make them, though, but I know how to use the commands for most of them.
Where do you come from? (Country and city)
Hawaii, Hilo.
What is your main language?
What is your real name?
Kai Melendez
Tell me a litte bit about your self?
I’m very reliable and accountable person.
Why do you want to be an Co-Owner?
I am excited, and I've always wanted to see how far I go, y'know? Test out my abilities.
How much/often are you available to play if you should be a staffer?
I can play either every other day, or every day. At least 1-4 hours a day.
If you have Skype. What is your username?
What makes you so perfect of becoming an Co-Owner?
I have a lot of experiencing being a Co-Owner, from observing and I am confident in being able to manage a server.
What is your negative side when it comes to minecraft?
PvP, definitely PvP.
What is your positive side when it comes to minecraft?
Building, specifically terraforming, and managing.
If someone asks you for items? What should you do?
It honestly depends on which server it is. Creative: Definitely! Survival: I would confer with you or another trusted staffer first.
If you want to do something, but you're not sure if you're allowed to. What do you do?
Do /rules first, then, like I said, confer with you or another staffer.
What can you provide to the server?
A trusted staff who can do her best to contribute and improve the server.
Can you ever donate? (not a must)
Not at the moment. I'm saving up for a flo-board! <3
How many times will you voted on this server?
At least once or twice a day, if you have a voting system.
Are you able to speak english so people can understand what you say?
Yes, tottaly.
Past Experience
I have had a lot of experience with not only moderating, administrating and building for servers but not yet owning one. A while back, maybe 4-5 years ago for about a year I made the moderator rank on several servers (not at the same time of course) but they were all small servers that were quick to disappear. I never went beyond the moderator rank those first couple of years because I was still relatively new to Minecraft, more of a noob than anything else... and was only around 11-12 at the time, and wasn't fully mature and had the understanding of a community environment. Through the first couple of years I've been playing on servers I've also often been a builder for servers, I can build - but unfortunately, there's a reason I'm not applying for builder, hehe! About 2-3 years ago I started to further understand what it took to be a good staff member, and in turn have been awarded the administrator rank on maybe two or three servers. This means not only can I help with assisting the community and the live server, but also I can help if I'm needed behind the scenes as well. I've been around the block! I've seen a lot, and I think I can safely say that I now have full understanding of what it takes to be a good staff member. Lately, I'm being swamped with schoolwork, and that's the reason I can't contribute so many hours a day.

What I can bring to the Staff Team & Community?
I have a lot to offer when it comes to contributing to a team and even better a community. I thrive in team environments, I love interacting and communicating openly with teammates, to solve problems or tackle issues together. I can also go solo, if that's what you need. With this in mind I can bring a team closer together, as well as the community. Interacting and helping the community is equally as important as protecting it. Getting to know the community around you isn't only good for communication and the server, but also greatly helps when it comes to performing well, and professionally. People will be more open, honest and friendly with you if you are just as open, honest and friendly to them. It's human psychology, and that's the way I personally think of it. I can also either try my best to manage the forum pages or keep it in order at least, and I can also be very active on forums, if need be.

A little more about Me
Like I mentioned before it's probably for the best that you get to know a little bit about me as well! I want you to fully understand my situation and predicaments so that you can get a better understanding of what I'm like, outside of just an experienced Minecraft user! First things first, more than anything I would say I love being apart of a large community. Being apart of a group that just gets along, enjoys each other and can interact with one another safely and openly is so important to me. To be honest, I love making friends. I don't see it as a weakness nor strength, but rather as a trait. Meeting new people is just so fun, getting to know somebody and watching them turn from a stranger to a good friend. I'm very social, so if I'm hired expect me to be talking and communicating with staff and the community a ton!

My Staffing Style and Ideals
Every person has a different idea of how to be a good moderator or administrator. Sure we all agree on the basics, be good to the community, keep it safe and be active; but it truly is much much more than that. Like mentioned previously, I love to make friends, joke around and hang out with the community as much as possible, but when a problem or situation arises; I'll be the first to step up and face it head on. As soon as someone threatens to compromise the safety or well-being of the community, it's go time. I can lounge back and be a good part of the community, but step up and react with professional decisions when it's necessary. As noted in my past experiences, I've dealt with a lot of players and problems, so I can hold my composure, keep a clear mind and stay calm while making executive decisions under pressure. Of course I give people warnings, I'm not going to permban someone who spams one time ever. I give warnings verbally and through kicks or temporary mutes, depending on the several situations that could arise. My next step of action, should the subject ignore or disregard my warnings would be a temporary ban. Now permanent banning.. is something I do not like to do but has to be done from time to time. Staff members who run around banning everyone who they assume is hacking really disappoint me. Once you ban this person, they will never again be able to be apart of the community, redeem themselves or interact with the server again. Banning is such and underestimated privilege. I will only ever ban with significant evidence, or if I see it with my own two eyes. I run a series of tests before placing a ban on a player, I have several methods I can use to safely weed out the vanilla players from supposed hackers and rule-breakers. I could never bring myself to ban someone because a player swears the suspect was hacking, I've witnessed first hand innocent players get banned just because of an accusation. You don't go to jail because somebody says you broke the law, you need significant evidence and proof. I think the same with staffing.

Extra Bits:
I will send you my email via PM, just check your messages right now. And I will do some of the scenarios right now:
How would you handle Ddos threats: I would first inform you, and being I'm not so familiar with DdoS, I would try my best, and go as far as banning the player, I hope that's enough. >-<
How would you handle users hacking: Of course, it depends on what hack they are using. I would first mute them, then /kick the player. If they continue on, I would temp ban, and if they keep on, then sadly, I would resort to banning. Which by the way, I disagree with it,
How would you deal with unruly staff who are either abusing or harassing other players: I would have to de-op them, and inform you of what player it was, what they were doing, and what staff position they had. I would also fix whatever damage they had done.
How would you handle users advertising sites and other servers: /BanIp, if you have it, and of course, I would mute, and kick. If they advertise other servers, (I hope not) Temp ban...
Griefing: I would ask the player if he/she or any witnesses had evidence, and if they do, I would post it on forums, which player it was, and temporarily ban the player if it comes to it. If the same players continues on griefing I will resort to higher methods.
Jul 21, 2016 8:20 PM
Joined: Jul 21, 2016
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Pm me? If you still need a Mod or Admin of course.