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Guardian Networks:Star Wars CityRP
Mar 29, 2019 5:19 PM
Joined: Mar 19, 2019
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Guardian Networks SWCRP is the first of many GN servers that focuses on a missed aspect of Star Wars RP; The City & Citizens. On our server we give players the option of becoming whatever they want to be, whether that be an Enlisted Imperial Trooper, A Bounty Hunter, or simply a Bartender. Every job has a purpose and is equally as important.

If you aren't sold on the short paragraph above, come read up more about us on our website

If that doesn't convince you and you're looking for an original experience here's a list of some of the addons we use.

JobEmployer- The F4 Menu is Lame, Go to An NPC To Find Your Jobs

Executioner - Custom Bounty Hunting System

IDInventory - Keep your inventory as long as you are on the server!

Realistic Handcuffs - A Jailing System For Realistic RP Arrests/Detainments

Blues Pharmaceuticals - A pill production tool for the Medic Job

mGangs2- Group up with friends and control map territories!

DarkRPG2(Still in Production) - Customized Levelling System for Job Types

All of these are noinclusive to the countless number of UI, Admin, and other background addons we have(But those are the boring ones). Come give us a try as we just opened today.