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[VG]Villainous Gaming! Lots of Custom Mods!
Jan 27, 2017 5:06 PM
Joined: Jul 01, 2014
Posts: 6
Hey guys come check out [VG]Overpoch! I don't wanna be rude to the other servers out there.. But aren't you sick of pretty much all rules? Join here, Steal in traders, Camp Traders, Camp Bases, Take Bases, Bases are Indestructible. Anything goes! I do.. however have just two rules, Please do not build anything within 800 of traders the other is No sky bases, Must be attached to the ground. We do briefcases here, Gems are tough to get and they are a single use currency. I have loads of Custom Ai missions, Including the God Mission. You can purchase Militarized Vehicles with Gems. There are Roaming Ai choppers (2) and Vehicles (2) They fly and drive around pretty much all the time. Their just fun to run into, keeps people on their toes and their not very hard. I have Custom loot spawns VERY high loot, High FPS, Advanced Trading, Custom Deploys, Like a UH1Y (requires a few books).
Towing, Snap/Vector build, Building supplies are at traders, Custom Traders and lots more. This server isn't for PVE types. Get on here and Kick Some Ass!

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