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SafeZone, a Custom DayZ mod from Clan Havok
Feb 01, 2013 12:56 AM
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Hey guys n gals! Myth here, we have officially released our Safe Zone Mode mod for DayZ! Our servers are the ONLY ONES running this custom mod! We have an advanced Eco trade system in place that will allow trading between players and Admins!

Let me explain first!

The map for Safe Zone is Tavianna. You will all spawn on the southern part of the eastern continent. Vehicles are limited, and worth the fight! There will be a single Admin base and a Admin Check point, which will be explained more thoroughly later in this post.

The point of Safe Zone is to gather supplies, form a squad or go lone wolf, and hunt other players for their items which can be traded to admins for high grade items, skins, vehicles, and weapons! Even vehicles can be traded for better gear and better vehicles!


There are TWO safe zones on the map.

Safe Zone Outpost: Is at the beginning of the large bridge from the East to West Continent. There is a toll there players must pay in order to get to the West Continent. The fee is posted in a points value on a sign next to the bridge. The Fee is PER vehicle.

Safe Zone Army Base: This is the admin base. There are no weapons allowed in the base. Bring a weapon in and you will be shot on sight by the NPC Guards. All Staff members are dressed in Army Fatigues, so if you need help, please approach them. The only trading center in the map is here in this location.

There are 3 simple rules for Safe Zones.

Rule 1: The whole point of Safe Zone is just that. Admin Areas are Safe Zones. NO players may kill or be killed in these areas, including the admins. Doing so once will result in a kick from the server. Doing so twice results in a ban for 24 hours. Doing it a third time results in a permanent ban.

Rule 2: No hacking. We have extensive hack shields in place that prevent this kind of behavior. Hacking even ONCE on our server will result in a permanent ban.

Rule 3: Have fun, if you dont have fun, whats the point of playing? Admins will be willing to give you a small amount of lee way and assistance if you need help. but we will NOT give you an unfair advantage!

Devastation SafeZone IP:
To death, goes the victory.

Check out our forums for our server IP!
Jan 16, 2015 4:17 PM
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