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Serverstatus bug (dead) since months
Feb 03, 2012 4:15 AM
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cause nobody helped me here:
start a new Topic here.

The Problem is that the server is very often showed as "Dead" for 1-2 hours. The Port is correct and the server is sending the serverinfo correct but gametracker says the server is dead.

Here u can see the server is dead:

Now i go to manage server and theserver is also dead:

Now i click on "Update Scanning Parameters" (no changes made) and got as result that the server is alive:

Now i clear my cache and press on the servername on the top of the last screen. the result is that the server is Dead:

Here is the screen of procon, u can see the serverinfo event in the console and that the server is alive:

I got this problem for months now, so can someone check this please.
The serverinfoevent is sendet correctly, u can also see that GT is not blocked from the RSP (g-portal) and rcon is working.