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Banned on Server For Being too Good in Jet
Jun 27, 2016 4:23 PM
hi i was recently Banned from BF3 G4L server the link is below for what you ask hmmm i am mostley in the JETS and Helicopters or the CHoppi and yes New Operators On Bored were very mad all the time calling me AIM BOT and i said oh thank you but am not that good there are way better players on BF3 then me i only come on BF3 once in a while and i like this server cuz it has the MAP GULF of OMAN which i love so i guess an Admin who ever he was saw that 4 People are calling me HACKER to Ban me i don't know if he did watch me in JET or not but he Must have seen the Score bored Cuz he gave me a STATED REASON are you ready WALL HACK how bad is that i am in AIR FLYING not on Ground so where did the WALL come from????? i kind burst out laughing when it happen and now am just missing those momments where i got called HACKER AIMBOT WALL HACKER etc etc etc so please have the Adimn Review My Case and then tell me or UN Ban me oh and its my bothers account so its REH786 i would play it on my account but i lost my Password and i can't get back in to it i was COL100 and over 16k kills in JET so am not that good in jets but i still get banned

=G4L= Gamers- 4-life 24/7Gulf of Oman
Jun 27, 2016 5:38 PM
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This appears to be the server you are referring to.

They do not have a registered admin/owner on Gametracker, nor any advice on how to contact them.
You may try posting on their blog.
Otherwise I suggest google to see if there is any information available for contacting them.

Gametracker itself does not administer any game servers.

I am a community user. I do not reply to private message requests for support.
Hint: I do not accept (or reply to) personal requests for re-ranking or unbanning.
You must use the forums please.

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