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4x Server Mature Gaming Community Looking Players!
Oct 21, 2018 6:34 AM
Joined: Feb 22, 2016
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If you're looking for a mature environment to enjoy Ark and meet some absolutely amazing people? Metanix is proud to offer exactly that. Metanix has a huge variety of content to offer and our door is always open to new comers. Members are typically aged between 25-40 however we have members from ages 18-65. Although UK based, we're proud to accept people from all over the world and already have a large mix of nationalities in our community.

We host a total of three ARK servers, with sharding configured so you can transfer your character, items and dinos between all three of our servers! The maps include Aberration, Ragnarok, The Island and soon to be Extinction. We don't like overwhelming the server with mods however we've included a handful that allow for an amazing play-through, such as:

Eco's RP Decor, OzoCraft, Indominus Rex, Stack Mod, Structure+, Reusable items, Super Spyglass, Upgrade Station, Auto Engrams, Pet Finder, Meat Spoiler, MiniForge.

The server is well maintained and hosted on excellent hardware so you'll experience flawless performance online, we hope you see you soon!


Aberration Server:
Ragnarok Server:
The Island Server: