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New Insurgency Servers!
2017 saw Squad 9's membership reach historic highs. For 2018, we have begun expanding our server operations to accomodate the higher volume of players.

As of January 9, two additional Insurgency servers were launched - increasing our capacity to:

2x Coop servers (8 players)
2x PvP servers (16 & 22 players)
1x Testing, Training, & Scrim server (16-32 players)

This comes in addition to our Rust and Halo servers to comprise ~S9~'s overall server operations.

As we continue refining our servers, new Moderators will be added. We we also be including new options for players and members on our servers to donate directly to our continuing server ops. Plans for these and other enhancements are TBA.
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Jan 10, 2018 11:03 PM
About Us
Born in 2003 on the original Halo for PC, Squad 9 is a group of elite gamers that focuses on team tactics, skill training, and playing to win on current FPS titles. We are both casual and competitive. Our members operate under the 9 Points of our Code of Conduct.

We're currently operating and recruiting on the following games:

- Insurgency
- R6 Siege
- Rust

We also conduct secondary operations on:

- Halo
- PlanetSide 2
~S9~ Squad 9
World Rank
323rd out of 138691
Game Rank
Halo 7
Killing Floor 2 10
Insurgency Standalone 10
Insurgency 12
Rust 22