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March 2013
New Server, New Ideas
It has been exciting times for us with server funding plans and schedule coming together, and clan vision shaping up into something more tangible, thanks to many great members and innovative ideas. All your feedback is most welcome and we hope you enjoy the games in our server.

We now have a paid, quality server up in the serverlist, and another fast-speed home server available for various testing purposes. To accommodate best the wishes of our members, the server has been set to standard Zero-Augs, and is intended to stay that way for a good while. Our goal with that server is to reshape the lackluster 0aug scene by finally providing a good, enduring set of highest quality available gaming maps best suited for exactly that game type. Additionally, our admin and mod presence is planned to safeguard our server in various time-zones, and we intend to politely escort out any spammers and other troublemakers or idiots -- a good boot-kick in the behind seems like a good medicine!
Additional web page for Server has been made viewable for the public and a new forum board has been created to best communicate with our players.
Since last update several trainees have been recruited, and other plans, relevant to our member base, are in the works. Now Hivemind can boast with 12 members and 4 trainees. Adjusting activity times needs a bit of work, but to compensate for the lack of rivalling clans and groups we have come up with the idea of implementing squads within our clan. Those named squads will not only have matches between them, but will also be available for other clans to challenge individually! This feature will hopefully be fully implemented sometime this month. Additional plans are set to boost activity in original DXMP game types by encouraging progression in that direction. After all, mega kills will keep our guys entertained for only so long

With all the best wishes,
Mar 14, 2013 4:36 PM
There are no servers assigned to this clan.
About Us
Created by sYnThEtIc and UnKnown on the 12th of January 2013, we have grown quickly into a large, competitive gaming group in Deus Ex Multiplayer, or DXMP, as we call it. Our clan intends to project itself upon the community as the classic shooter team, embracing all traditional and competition-level gaming beliefs and rules. This means that cheating, whining, and generally obnoxious behaviour does not have a place in our society that is built upon the joy for the game and a pride in our increasing abilities, growing experience.

There is a beautify in the perfection of every execution, and fun in battling a worthy adversary; and this is what the Hivemind intends to show to its new members and the surrounding community. This is why we en [show more]
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