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Forum Home > Feedback > both servers running very good!!!
both servers running very good!!!
Apr 25, 2012 3:07 PM
Non-member Joined: Feb 24, 2012
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Noticed today that both servers were running and the eu server was almost full and the us server was half full real nice.....i notice the no incap rule in the eu server and the 15 second frag rule.which apparently player slike because its staying full...both servers were on alley which was weird.anyways i have mentioned this before and i would like to point it out again our us server crashes every time we fill it the server gains a reputation of crashing rendering lower community numbers.the server has regulars with a solid following it just lacks consistent functionality.i ran a aa2 server we had the same issue so we tweaked it with some packet flow filtering changes to discard and erase automatically the incoming information the server gathers from each player.that in essence is how a server crashes information overload!!!!also if you lower the number of players to say 20 the server will be able to handle the packet flow to a constant level without a crash.and from what i experienced in the server we never have more than 20 at a time for the longer time frames anyways.ive ran 3 or 4 hour sessions and it typically would stay at around 16 to 18 players coming and going.something to consider for your community at least test its viability to see the change it would have on the servers capacity through out the day and night.

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